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Welcome to our intimate and eco-friendly resort!

The Hotel is under Dutch management and the rooms are equipped with all necessary fittings like bathroom with hot and cold water, fan, verandah, aircondition and a beautiful view overlooking the resort garden. And very important! The rooms are very clean! That’s a must in tropical countries!

Resort Like No Other is a place where you can relax and restore strength in a calm and serene atmosphere, whilst enjoying Sri Lanka’s finest nature and cuisine. Situated a short 20 minute drive away from the international airport, Resort Like No Other is the perfect place to start and end your holiday!

The property is surrounded by a silent dreamlike garden, where during the day you can watch a variety of birds and other small animals that come to visit us. When you get too hot, take a dive into our refreshing swimming pool or enjoy a drink in the garden or next to the swimming pool.
If you wish, our staff can book for you an excursion into the beautiful country. Alternatively we can help plan trips to tourist places, with a local driver.

All our hotel rooms are spacious and luxurious and can be booked on a B&B or half/full board basis. In addition, the complete hotel can be booked, for example for families or group of friends. In our restaurant you can enjoy typical Sri Lankan cuisine, but also chinese or western style food is available. This resort is also accessible for persons with impairments or handicaps.

Please contact us for further information or special requests.

Our Services & Facilities
Resort Like No Other consists of one luxurious family room, double room and three cabanas with two bedrooms in each cabana. Each room has air conditioning, water kettle for coffee and tea facilities and a bathroom with hot and cold running water and toilet. One of the cabanas has facilities for handicapped and disabled people or people with special needs.

arises from an idea of the owner to build a different Resort with facilities that other places cannot offer. The resort will also be accessible for disabled persons with in the public areas as well as specific room specially designed for the impaired.

One of the directors, Mrs. Carla Koot, who originally from the Netherlands worked for years in Daycare. After being hit by an accident some years ago she has restrictions herself, makes her aware which of the way people encounter difficulties in houses, offices and hotels. Since 1999 she has worked in her own NGO (Non Governmental Organization, non profit charity and voluntary), helping and training Sri Lankan people with various handicaps. She is still active in a NGO special for the most poor women
and children of Sri Lanka. The Resort provides jobs for Sri Lankan people and part of the profit will be used for the NGO to help the development of women and children.

The aim is to offer people from all over the world the possibility to visit the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Where they will be able to enjoy natural beauty of the jungle. Still being nearby the airport, the beach from Negombo and the capital Colombo.

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